Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Something old, something new

I'm trying something new for my post today. It's going to be a bit bare bones. I am in Durango co for work and I just finished playtesting d n d next. I am actually writing this on my phone so the format may be a bit wonky. I'm going to try to get a better post up later, but I want to get my first impressions down.

First, it has a really old school feel like a lot of people had said. It definitely feels like d n d. Like my post it felt a little bare bones. Given the nature of the playtest and that we started at first level that was expected. Even so I struggled a bit my first round.

I played the cleric of moradin. I was hoping to try out the wizard. I jumped in with both feet however and decided to play an orphan dwarf whose parents had been killed by orcs. I'd like to get into the details but I won't here. Because of the playtest rules I'm going to post something on the wotc forums and then link to it here. For now just know I had fun and wish next all the best. thr

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