Saturday, March 10, 2012

King Arthur's World part 2

I am more than a little bummed about things today. I realized that although I am having a great time running my Arthurian Britain game I can't seem to keep any continuity through it at all. I even offered one of my players a boon because he was the only one who had showed up three sessions in a row. I think part of it is my fault. I know I get busy with life and forget to communicate about my game. I shouldn't expect people to just show up or read an email four hours before the game and be able to make it. Still I do wish I had heard from the couple of people I had emailed earlier in the week about the game. Pete and Robert I am talking to you.
"If I say it's a goat it's a goat it has horns
doesn't it?"--Squee the goblin king

The good news is that I am having a blast and I think the players who show up are having a good time as well. The turnover hasn't yet caused a breakdown in the story so hopefully we can get a core group going and then have a few guest stars if we need to. Some of my favorite moments in the game was roleplaying the goblins. At one point the goblin king told one of the players to get back on the table because he "had told you that you were a pig for dinner" I am not sure if you have heard of Squee the goblin king, but I was channeling him tonight.

I am really hopeful that I will be able to get some consistency in my game. I have enjoyed running it and I have some big plans for it in the future. Maybe I'll even remember to send an email out more than one day before the game next week. Until next time remember don't let your DM tell you no. It's always, "Yes, and...?"

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