Monday, March 5, 2012

Secret Warlock: It's a Bugbear Party

Hey baby you want to see my multiclass ability?
Well I got to have an actual party tonight. We helped save a Bugbear village from an Evil Necromancer (TM). In return they threw us an epic party. It was fun because myself and the new Satyr in the group had a contest to see who could catch the most fleas. (I'll give you a moment to think about that). I also played have you met Ted with the bugbear in the group. Good news he ended up married. We are finally back on track to stop the disease. We just need one more component the Fury of a Fire Giant. I have a good idea how to get it, but we need to bring back the two fire giants that fell off our ship a couple of weeks ago. Now where did I put that Raise Dead ritual scroll. Until next time remember don't let your DM tell you no. It's always "Yes, and...?"

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