Sunday, January 29, 2012

Coming Attractions

Coming up this week I am hoping to have a little more time than I did last week. I have three or four posts started that I would like to finish and get up here. I have a good start on a post on rituals, I am still thinking about a post on skills, especially after today's seminar at D and D XP. I have a few more thoughts to share on DnDnext as well.

Hint: If the person to your left is a
 hatter you might be at the wrong party. 
For Secret Warlock I am hoping to finish the origin story of Aramil at least and perhaps share Aramil's encounter with an icy room of doom and the epic party I immediately regretted wishing for. I may also have some thoughts on making sure you have an understanding of how the world actually works.

For my Weekly Homebrew I am going to keep working on fleshing out Bristle in preparation for running it again this Saturday. If I get the chance I may share completed stats for the fingerbone of St. Cuthbert but I will at least give a character sketch for another npc, perhaps the mayor this time.

As always if you have ideas for articles or requests for homebrew items, post in the comments or hit me up on Facebook or Twitter. Until next time remember don't let your DM tell you no. It's always, "Yes and...?"

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