Friday, January 20, 2012

Saturday Chainmail: Bags

A long time ago I had acquired a chain-mail dice bag. It was actually really well made and I had a lot of fun bringing out my bag and seeing the envy on the other players faces. Unfortunately I lost it in one move or another. I haven't been able to replace it yet, but I have found some really neat bags to share with you.
A really neat addition to a period outfit
I found this particular bag on Think Geek. They have a good selection of other toys and are worth checking out.
For the really dedicated gamer
Perhaps a dice bag isn't enough for you. Perhaps you would like to make chain-mail an even larger part of your gaming repertoire. If so then the chain mail messenger bag is for you. Available here, this bag is perfect for carrying your books or other gaming accessories.

Chainmail Kiss
I leave you with this picture. I love the way the flowing white robes drape over the lady's leg. I am not sure if the warrior is real, from the way the lady looks it appears he may be a spirit. If I were to guess I would say he is a fey spirit of the Wild Hunt who has captured this beautiful lady's heart. Until next time remember don't let your DM tell you no. It's always "Yes and...?"

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