Saturday, January 7, 2012

Seamus Clan Fixer: A Heroic Tier Threat

I have been kicking around an idea from the Role Playing Public Radio Podcast where Dragons control most of the World’s wealth and decide to take an active role in shaping the economy.  I really like the idea and I have been trying to come up with a way to introduce a Draconic banking clan early in the heroic tier. The eventual goal is to have the clan emerge late in Paragon either as a villainous organization the players can thwart, or as a possible patron depending on how the group reacts. Let me introduce you to Seamus a fixer for the clan.

I made Seamus on the Wizards of theCoast Adventure tools. Using the Monster Builder was actually pretty easy. It was a little more complicated than making a character, but now that I have done it once I think it will be even easier to do it the next time.

Seamus is a low level fixer for the clan. The clan sends him to recover items that have been stolen, or to bring people to the clan who they need to see.  Since Seamus is an Elite Controller he should be used as a mini boss perhaps with some guards accompanying him. He has several abilities to find and retrieve stolen items. Additionally he is able to avoid notice and escape with the stolen item once he has it.

I would use Seamus to introduce the clan to my players by having him come after them for a magic item they had just gotten that they really wanted. Depending on the group they could be culpable for stealing the item, or they could just as easily have taken it from the person who stole it. After Seamus recovers the item the PC’s should be very interested in getting it back. Possibly Seamus leaves the guards behind and the PC’s could interrogate them. In any case it should be fairly easy to get them to try to investigate the strange man who “stole” their magic item. Just make sure not to reveal too much too soon. Until next time remember don’t let your DM tell you no. It’s always “Yes and…?

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