Saturday, February 18, 2012

King Arthur's World

I'm telling you Arthur you can't allow Tieflings in your realm
I just finished running the second session of my Virtual Table game King Arthur's World. I have had quite a bit of fun with it. Even though we've had a hard time getting a player base I think the core group has started to settle and I think they have had fun too. It's been a little weird for me because I have had to "encourage" some of the players to play things that are more in line with my vision of the world. Could a Dragonborn Paladin fit in King Arthur's World, perhaps, but after talking to the player he made an Elven Ranger that fits much better.

It has been difficult for me because I have been busy and most of the players, have been last minute adds. So, we don't really have a cohesive party, and I haven't been able to get the buy in I need to run such a theme game. So far I have been able to steer players away from choices I don't like, but if I need to I'll just get real creative so I can fit their character in.

On a different note I've got another six day work week coming up. I still have part two of my party optimization article in the works and as soon as I get it finished I will post it. Other than that look for more shorter posts and lot's of pictures. I will make an effort to get a monster posted for Weekly Homebrew this week. Other than that enjoy what's left of the weekend. Until next time remember don't let your DM tell you no. It's always, "Yes, and...?"

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